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White Noise free read ´ 106 É Winner of the 1985 National Book Award White Noise tells the story of Jack Gladney professor of Hitler Studies at a liberal arts college in Middle America where his colleagues include New York expatriates who want to immerse themselves in American magic and dread Jack and his fourth wife Babette bound by their love fear of Offspring navigate the usual rocky passages of family life to the background babble of brand name consumerism sleepwalking through a world where Coke Is It and the TV is always onThen a lethal black chemical cloud floats over their lives an airborne toxic event unleashed by an industrial accident The menacing cloud is a urgent and visible version of. It's like how my mom still calls me if there is bad weather nearby or if I'm out driving on a holiday where the roads could be filled with people who had too much to drink It's like when the grocery store parking lots stay full when snow is on the way because people think they may be stuck inside their house foreverIt's like how the news can report on how Coke can kill you so you start drinking Diet Coke but then the artificial sweetener can give you cancer so you try to just drink water but there could be bacteria in it unless you use a filterI loved this bookIt took me a long time to read it not because I didn't like it but because I wanted to savor it take my time with it underline uotes let the dialogue marinate a little bitSo I should tell you that you can't go into the book looking for a thriller or an apocalyptic dystopian novel The plot isn't going to suck you in and keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next It's the conversations between the characters the wonderful way the sentences are structured the jump from one scene to another the commentary behind it all That's what you're getting intoThe book hits on death the media fear consumerism and It was written a little while ago but it didn't seem all that dated to me From the first few pages I knew I had stumbled upon something special Halfway through I was ready to tell the world to read it At the end I put the book down on my lap put my hands up to the sides of my head fingertips pressed gently into my hair then pulled my hands away while making the sound of an explosion uietly with my lips My mind was blown

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The white noise engulfing the Gladney family radio transmissions sirens microwaves ultrasonic appliances and TV murmurings pulsing with life yet heralding the danger of deathWith its ironic satirical telling vision of the anxieties absurdities and mysteries of modern American life White Noise is a masterpiece at once illuminating and darkly prophetic. “The world is full of abandoned meanings” White Noise takes place in a realm one small step removed from an easily recognisable reality – or “just outside the range of human apprehension” as DeLillo puts it On face value none of its characters or events are uite credible – the characters are too elouent the scenes too stage managed Why for example would people choose to go out in the open on foot to escape from a toxic cloud Why not get in their cars or simply stay barricaded in their homes So DeLillo can give us an image of a nomad biblical exodus because Delillo wants to strip down humanity to its rudiments in this novel – the fear of death and subseuent gullibility it induces to submit to all kinds of generalised information that will keep us safe He wants to show us how information is used to cower us into a herd mentality The Hitler warning always stalking the outer corridors of the novel “Put on a uniform and feel bigger stronger safer''White Noise on the surface is DeLillo’s most orthodox novel First person narrative Straightforward chronology Mainly domestic setting Lots of humour The novel’s white noise is the endless stream of misinformation we are subjected to in our lives Data has a viral role in this novel Data that rarely translates into wisdom The narrator Jack Gladney’s oldest son articulates this theme brilliantly “What can we do to make life easier for the Stone Agers Can we make a refrigerator Can we even explain how it works What is electricity What is light We experience these things every day of our lives but what good does it do if we find ourselves hurled back in time and we can’t even tell people the basic principles much less actually make something that would improve conditions Name one thing you could make Could you make a simple wooden match that you could strike on a rock to make a flame We think we’re so great and modern Moon landings artificial hearts But what if you were hurled into a time warp If a Stone Ager asked you what a nucleotide is could you tell him How do we make carbon paper What is glass If you came awake tomorrow in the Middle Ages and there was an epidemic raging what could you do to stop it knowing what you know about the progress of medicines and diseases Here it is practically the twenty first century and you’ve read hundreds of books and magazines and seen a hundred TV shows about science and medicine Could you tell those people one little crucial thing that might save a million and a half lives”Children still unencumbered by fear of death are better and mysterious filters of information in the novel than the fear stricken adults The adults are both blinded and deafened by the wall of white noise of ubiuitous multimedia information because “the deeper we delve into the nature of things the looser our structure may seem to become” The children therefore often have to resist what passes as wisdom in the parents “The family is the cradle of the world's misinformation” As he becomes much intimate with the advent of his own death Gladney begins finally to glean wisdom from information “The air was rich with extrasensory material Nearer to death nearer to second sight I continued to advance in consciousness Things glowed a secret life rising out of them”White Noise not uite the masterpiece that is Underworld is a brilliant achievement his second best novel

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White NoiseWinner of the 1985 National Book Award White Noise tells the story of Jack Gladney professor of Hitler Studies at a liberal arts college in Middle America where his colleagues include New York expatriates who want to immerse themselves in American magic and dread Jack and his fourth wife Babette bound by their love fear of death and four ultramodern. SoI finally read thisenjoyed it I found myself comparing this book to a new family TV series with Eugene Levy called 'Schitt's Creek' The most entertaining FUNNY show I've seen in years The dialogue is hilarious in both 'White Noise' and 'Schitt's Creek' between the parents and kids Jack Gladney's friend Murray cracked me up He reminded me of one of the characters on 'Schitt's Creek' Most of this book was comical to me From the beginning I was shaking my head What REALLY Jack has been married 4 'times' What woman in their right mind would marry a man who has been married 3 times before her Jack's wife Babette had to be a little bonkers to marry Jack Reading for the blind was a perfect job for her she could relate to blindness first hand It was also funny that Jack worried about not being able the speak German even though he created a special program at the college where he teaches on Hitler studies Funny lines page after page Did I read this book right Was it ok to laugh as much as I did I mean I know there seemed to be so much fear of deathbut somehow I found it comical than serious I thought it was an easy FUN READ a 'mild' satire fear of death digital frontier justice capitalism capitalist bashing in sortsconsumerismLove the wise ass savvy hip kidsPreposterous Fun DeLillo professionals did I read it wrong