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Ght as he recounts the narratives of the Nanavati murder trial and the rise and fall of the tabloid Blitz and Mumbai's transformation from the red city of trade unions and communists into the saffron city of Hindu nationalist Shiv Sena Starry eyed planners and elite visionaries cynical leaders and violent politicians of the street land sharks and underworld dons jostle with ordinary citizens and poor immigrants as the city copes with the dashed dreams of postcolonial urban life and lurches into the seductions of globalization Shedding light on the city's past and present Mumbai Fables offers an unparalleled look at this extraordinary metropolis Choice. If you like to do some time travel take a historian along

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Mumbai FablesA place of spectacle and ruin Mumbai exemplifies the cosmopolitan metropolis It is not just a big city but also a soaring vision of modern urban life Millions from India and beyond of different ethnicities languages and religions have washed up on its shores bringing with them their desires and ambitions Mumbai Fables explores the mythic inner life of this legendary city as seen by its inhabitants journalists planners writers artists filmmakers and political activists In this remarkable cultural history of one of the world's most important urban centers Gyan Prakash unearths the stories behind its fabulous history viewing Mumbai through its turning po. Mumbai Fables by Gyan Prakash is a narrative on the history of the much exploited metropolis of Mumbai It is an informative read that throws light on the events that have shaped Mumbai from the scattered seven islands that it once was to the throbbing chaos of human life and struggle that it today has becomeThe language of the book is at times not very pleasant on the eye and mind On various occasions despite revealing interesting trivia the language gives it a scientific and text book like feel making those parts cumbersome and tedious to get through It could well be that the writer has deliberately done so to highlight the factual and researched nature of the bookHaving said that the book does not reveal much of what was already not out there in a very large public domain However for the uninitiated and especially those who inhabit the city it is a matter of great necessity to be aware of the life this city has lived From 1408 when Vasco Da Gama first came here to the Portuguese rule to the British to the post colonial times from the leftest mill age to the saffron Sena rage its a leafing through the scars and stains the inhabitants of Mumbai have given her I liked it only for the information on Mumbai it refreshed in me the same however can be done on wikipedia too

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Mumbai Fables Read & download µ 102 Ø A place of spectacle and ruin Mumbai exemplifies the cosmopolitan metropolis It is not just a big city but also a soaring vision of modern urban life Millions from India and beyond of different ethnicities languages and religions have washed up on its shores bringing with them their desires and ambitions MumInts and kaleidoscopic ideas comic book heroes and famous scandals the history behind Mumbai's stories of opportunity and oppression of fabulous wealth and grinding poverty of cosmopolitan desires and nativist energies Starting from the catastrophic floods and terrorist attacks of recent years Prakash reaches back to the sixteenth century Portuguese conuest to reveal the stories behind Mumbai's historic journey Examining Mumbai's role as a symbol of opportunity and reinvention he looks at its nineteenth century development under British rule and its twentieth century emergence as a fabled city on the sea Different layers of urban experience come to li. I have a bit of a strange relationship with Bombay On the one hand I am not really fond of the pace of life there or the sense of collective superiority its citizens sometimes seem to exude On the other hand I am fascinated by the very idea of the city and its uniueness That is the reason why a lot of Bombay based books exist on my bookshelf On hindsight it does seem strange that Mumbai Fables took this long to find its way thereThis idea of Bombay and the possibilities and promise is what led people from many parts of the country to make the city their home This I think is what fascinates the author too and this book attempts to understand what makes the city special It is a historic journey of the city across various domains geography art and literature culture politics journalism and business The narrative is largely linear with some overlap to cover ground when a new aspect is brought to the discussion From a timeline perspective the book begins with the conuest of the seven islands by the Portugese in the 16th century but before he gets there the author introduces the reader to the distinctive 'myth' that is Mumbai The Colonial era the post colonial years immediately following independence the beginning of the reclamation the rise of tabloid journalism the rise and fall of the mills and communism Shiv Sena and to a certain extent the underworld all find a place in this book just as it should There is a lot of ground covered and the research that has been done going by the 'Notes' is huge While events people and places are all chronicled faithfully what this book actually gives by covering centuries of history is context Everything that I mentioned above is linked to each other in some way The author uses a range of phenomena from Art Deco to Doga comics and the Nanavati case to Fearless Nadia and Dev Anand movies to show how and why Bombay is the city it is and its influence on its citizens Once you finish the book you get a sense of the layers that make up today's Mumbai People culture lifestyles and the city itself carry the past with them sometimes conspicuously and sometimes in subtle unconscious ways It is amazing to see how the things we see as the uniue challenges of this age have occurred in some or the other form before too Perspective that's this book's gift A fantastic read PS Some amazing tidbits too like the fact Bal Thackeray's father publicly called him a donkey the irony of Nariman point's name and so on